How to build a Facebook fanpage from zero effectively

By: Nguyen Hoai Thanh |

How to build a Facebook fanpage from zero effectively

What is a Fanpage?

Fanpage is a page created from a personal or business Facebook account, to bring a community group with a particular interest together.

Functions of Fanpage

The purpose of creating a fanpage is to do business, entertainment, brand advertising, ... to link with the community with a common interest.

How to build Facebook fanpage from zero effectively?

1. Determine the goal of building a fanpage

  • Sales
  • Branding for individuals or businesses
  • Channel to poll and receive feedback from customers….
  • Customer care channel…
  • Increasing website traffic.

How to increase traffic from Facebook fanpage for the website?

  • Send a message with a link to the website
  • Leave the article link in the comment section
  • Run advertisements to increase website traffic
  • Share the website link on fanpage wall
  • Put the web link in the description on the fanpage

2. Choose a theme to develop

After defining the goal you need to choose a theme to develop. You should choose a topic that is relevant to your target audience to attract their interest and interaction.

3. Create Fanpage

 How to create a fanpage on facebook?

4. Name your fanpage and complete the information

  •  Your fanpage name should be clear and easy to remember, which will increase your credibility and brand recognition with users.
  •  The fanpage name must clearly show the career and field
  •  Contain words that describe the product positively
  •  Contain keywords with high search volume
  •  About fanpage information: Filling in all the information will help fanpage have a better natural reach rate.

5. Creating content for fanpage

Create unique and attractive content. You can use content types such as images, videos, and articles to showcase your products or services. Make sure your content is suitable to your goals and target audience.

Shared content: Share information, knowledge, and answer customer questions for the purpose of attracting interaction with users.
Sales content: Write the right focus of your product's value to meet user needs. You can run advertisements to increase your reach to more customers.

The content displayed on the fanpage needs to meet the following needs:

  • Content optimization: Concise, complete, and attractive content.
  • Optimizing cover photo and profile photo: tylish, impressive profile photo will be easier to attract customers. In addition, the most typical product video can be used as the cover photo.
  • Optimizing information about phone numbers and addresses: Display information about phone numbers, emails, store addresses, and links to platforms such as: Youtube, Instagram, Profile Facebook,...
  • In addition, it is possible to post content on the fanpage with a sales content strategy and an interwoven information content strategy to avoid boredom and discomfort while increasing excitement for customers and pulling interactions for your fanpage.

Usually, there are types of posts on fanpage such as:

  • Entertainment, hot trend news.
  • Article about products and businesses relate to sales.
  • Article shares useful knowledge and small tips related to the product.
  • Customer feedback: review photos, thank you messages, and videos, ... This helps customers trust your products and services more.

6. Link to media channels

Connect your fanpage to your website

You need to add the like feature to the page directly on the website, and put the social network button in the most visible position for users like your page.


If you have a blog, share your posts on fanpage and insert links to your fanpage in these posts.

Marketing Email

You can insert a link to your fanpage in the marketing email so that customers can access and learn about your products and services.

YouTube channel

You can create an introductory video about your products and services on your YouTube channel and insert a link to your fanpage in the video description.

Other social networks

You can link your fanpage on others social networks like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest,...

7. Run Facebook advertisements

  • To optimize the effectiveness of the campaign, you should choose typical, highly viral products to run advertisements. You can advertise with many different forms of Facebook advertisements.
  • Some important points when running Facebook advertisements to build a fanpage:
  • Choose the right target group to ensure your advertisements are shown to interested people and potential customers.
  • Use compelling images and content to attract potential customers.
  • Make sure your advertising budget is reasonable and optimized for the best effect.
  • Track the results of your advertisements, and adjust the content and goals of your advertisements to optimize the effect.

8. Measure and analyze:

Measurement and analysis after running Facebook advertisements is an important step in assessing the effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns helping you to know your strengths and weaknesses and plan more effective adjustments.

9. Regular content updates

Regular content updates are important to keep customers interested and engaged on social media:

  • Set a posting schedule: This helps you ensure that you are posting new content regularly. You can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts.
  • Share useful content: Share useful information, related to your field or product. You can use images, videos, or short articles to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Use hot topics: Leverage hot topics, major events, or new trends to increase user interaction. Make sure your articles are relevant to this topic and suitable for your audience.
  • Interact with customers: Answer questions and respond to customer comments on your fanpage. This helps to build trust and increase interactions between you and your customers.

10. Create mini-game or viral content that makes users share the article more

11. Use large pages to pull interaction:

Share the post of the newly created page to attract interaction

12. Other factors to keep in mind when building a fanpage from zero

  • Respect customer privacy: You should always respect the privacy of your customers, not illegally use their information or post inappropriate content.
  • Brand colors should be consistent on Fanpage. Posts should show the main color of the logo.
  • Diverse post forms such as creating notes, sharing articles, website links, photos, albums, landing page advertising images, etc.

13. Some tips to increase likes for fanpage

Invite friends to like the page

Inviting friends to like your Facebook page can be one of the simplest ways to increase the number of likes for your Fanpage.

Post to groups that drive traffic to your fanpage

Share posts to groups related to your content. If viewers find it interesting and useful, they can go to your fanpage and follow. This makes it easy to reach potential customers at no cost.

Add a plugin to your website

If you own a website with stable traffic, don't forget to attach links to fanpage or posts to attract more clicks and access to articles.


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