Become an official partner with Metaconex

Post on Nguyen Hoai Thanh

Become an official partner with Metaconex to make money from advertising on your customized website

Metaconex already has a large ecosystem with millions of publishers, is an official partner with Google and the world's leading advertising distributors and now Metaconex is looking for partners who are quality publishers.
In case you use Metaconex’s website application, we rate whether you are a quality publisher or not based on your publication quality, the reader traffic and engagement of your website. If you are an external publisher, you can submit an application to become an advertising partner with Metaconex.

How it’s work?

When receiving a cooperation invitation from Metaconex, the publisher only needs to accept the cooperation invitation and click the ad code on the website (when the publisher is not using the Metaconex website application). Just after that click and we will become partners shortly, then ads will be displayed and optimized across publications. So quick! Right?
In case a publisher submits an application to become an official partner with Metaconex, it will take one to three business days for the site to be approved based on our terms, conditions and policies.